International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

Vienna, February 6th-9th 2018

"discovering young talents"


For Classical / Contemporary Pieces with more than one dancer

Duo : 2 dancers

Small Group Size: 3-5 dancers

Big Group Size: 6+ dancers


In order order to make the registration clearer for pieces with more than one dancer, please send us an email with the name of the piece and all the names of the dancers, dancing in this specific piece.



from: Max Mustermann

Subject: " Pieces and dancers "


"Name of the competitor"

"Name of the Piece1" - "Name of dancer1","Name of dancer2","Name of dancer3","Name of dancer4",etc.

"Name of the Piece2" - "Name of dancer1","Name of dancer2","Name of dancer3","Name of dancer4",etc.


Amount of pieces, defines how many pieces of its same type you want to dance.


Example given:

If you want to perform "one" Classical Small Group Performance you should wirte the number 1 in the Text Field underneath.

If you dont want to perform any Classical Small Group Performances, you must write 0

Titles, Choreographer, Length and Age Category of Performances you have to write the following:

If you wrote "0" in the Amount section you must write "0" in the Information Field.

If you write any number in the Amount section you must write the following information in the following order and seperate by ";"


Example given:

Amount of Classical Small Group Performances : [     2     ]

Title, Choreographer, Length and Age Category:

[    "Title Example" - "Test Choreographer" - 2min - junior ; "Title Example 2" - "Test Choreographer 2" - 3min  - teen   ]


same procedure for All Group Performances !




Backstage pass information

Each school is responsible for the amount of backstage passes.

Please send us an email according with the amount of passes you need, based on the amount of dancers from the same school.


1-10 dancers --> 1 pass

11-20 dancers --> 2 passes

21-30 dancers --> 3 passes

31-40 dancers --> 4 passes


contact us at: