International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

Vienna, February 6th-9th 2018

"discovering young talents"


Welcome from the Founders

Dear friends,

it was a very long journey to this moment where we can welcome you all to the 1st edition of the EUROPEAN BALLET GRAND PRIX 2017 in Vienna! It is a big pleasure for us and a honor in the same time, to be part of something new, something that moves us to inspire young dancers on their artistic path. The EBGP is an international ballet and contemporary dance competition for young dancers from around the world. It is platform for culture exchange and integration allowing young dancers to connect with each other, spreading the joy of dance which creates a synergy between all people involved in this event, artists and audience.
The special issue about EBGP is the fact that there are many young people involved in the organisation. Due to the combination between their young spirit and energy with our knowledge and experience, we manage to create the interest for something sustainable. We would like to thank to all our supporting partners and sponsors for their trust in our ideas.

Welcome to EBGP and let us share the beautiful experience of discovering young talents!

Simona Noja-Nebyla and Boris Nebyla