International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

Vienna, February 5th-9th 2019

"discovering young talents"

Awards and Prizes

All winners will be announced separately.
Every finalist will receive a certificate.
Winners (place 1 to 3) of all categories  (non -professional and professional) will  receive a certificate and the EBGP - medal. 
See the money prizes in the overview sheet below.

All participants (non -professional and professional) have the chance to win a scholarship from one of the following institutions:

Austria:            Vienna, Ballettakademie der Wiener Staatsoper

                          Vienna, dancearts Boris Nebyla EU                 

France:             Paris, Ecole de Danse de l' Opera de Paris

Germany:         Berlin, Staatliche Ballettschule

Hungary:          Budapest, Hungarian National Dance Academy

Romania:         Cluj-Napoca, Cultural Foundation "Simona Noja"

Swiss:               Zürich Tanzakademie

Competitors, who will perform at the "Charity Awards Gala"
will be chosen by the jury among the winners

The awards ceremony will be held immediately after the end of the competiton, all articipants must be in back stage area at least 15 minutes before the Awards Ceremony begins.
In case of a schedule change of the Awards Ceremony, you will be notified via Social Media.