International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

Vienna, February 5th-9th 2019

"discovering young talents"

Dear friends,

here are the projects and the names of young dancers supported by the charity project “Hand in Hand” starting March 2017:

Summer Programs 2017

Luminita Bivol, 16 years from Chisinau,  Republic of Moldavia

Matei Holeleu, 16 years from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cristian Susu, 16 years from Bucharest, Romania

Festivals 2017

Anamaria Copilau, 16 years from Bucharest, Romania

Martina dall’Asta, 16 years from Parma, Italy

Davide Diodato, 15 year from Italy

Emely Hetterich, 17 years from Vienna, Austria

Robert Hyland, 16 years from Vienna, Austria

Olivia Poropat, 16 years from Vienna, Austria

Professional Development in ballet companies for the season 2017-18

Yitzhack Davi Ramos Abicalil, 21 years, from Brasil

Andrea de Felice, 21 years,  from Italy

Rossella Gallo, 21 years, from Italy

Katerina Ludmila Viktoria Torp, 20 years, from Finland

Hui-Yi Wen, 20 years, from Taiwan

Chiharu Yamamoto, 26 years, from Japan

We would like to thank to all our maecenas and sponsors for the generous support in 2017 of the total sum of 7500€.


Summer Programs 2018

Maria Cotinghiu, 9 years, Romania

Melania Dindelegan, 17 years, Romania

Lan Dan Kerstanji, 18 years, Slovenia

Darius Gramada, 16 years, from Romania

Huilen Löffler, 11 years, Austria

Cosmin Marinescu, 16 years, Romania

Mihai Pop, 12 ani, Romania

Festivals 2018

Gabriele Aime, 17 years, Italy

Federico Aime, 16 years, Italy

Davide Diodato, 16 yeras, Italy

Darius Gramada, 16 years, Romania

Cosmin Marinescu, 16 years, Romania

Marius Mathieu, 16 years, Belgium

Solomon Osazuva, 17 years, Austria

Kalina Petkova, 16 years, Bulgaria

Yarden Zana, 17 years, Israel

We would like to thank everybody for the sponsorship of 7476€ during the year 2018!