International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

Vienna, February 5th-9th 2019

"discovering young talents"

Welcome from the Founders: Simona Noja-Nebyla & Boris Nebyla

Dear friends,

it was a very long journey to this moment where we can welcome you all in Vienna at the balet and contemporary dance competition: EUROPEAN BALLET GRAND PRIX! It is a big pleasure for us and a honor in the same time, to be part of something that inspires young dancers on their artistic path. The EBGP is a dance competition for young dancers from around the world. It is platform for culture exchange and integration allowing young dancers to connect with each other, spreading the joy of dance which creates a synergy between all people involved in this event, artists and audience.
The special issue about EBGP is the fact that there are many young people involved in the organisation. Due to the combination between their young spirit and energy with our knowledge and experience, we aim to create the interest for something sustainable. We would like to thank to all our supporting partners and sponsors for their trust in our ideas.

The “European Ballet Grand Prix” consists of 4 complementary patterns, that create an auspicious setting for discovering young ballet dancers from all over the world, that come to Vienna, in order to be evaluated by a jury panel of top ballet school and company directors:

EBGP – “Workshops”
The workshops give all participants at the EBGP Competition the unique opportunity to work with famous teachers and to benefit from their experience.

EBGP – “Competition”
Competitors of all nationalities with age between 7 and 26 years are very welcome to compete in five age categories, judged by elite jurors.  

EBGP - “Charity Awards Gala”
Mr. Manuel Legris, Director of “Wiener Staatsballett”, as the EBGP Honorary President, gives chosen competition winners the chance to perform with dancers of the “Wiener Staatsballett” and some other special guests in a unique ballet performance, a great honor and experience for every young artist!

The profit from the Charity Award Gala ticket sales goes to the EBGP “Hand in Hand”- charity project.

EBGP – “Hand in Hand”- Charity Project
Worldwide there are a lot of ballet talents! Some of them need support to start or continue a professional education, or to perform on a theater stage, or to travel to competitions sharing, etc. EBGP - “Hand in Hand” aims to find, support and guide young ballet talents in need, so that their ballet dream comes true!

By sharing higher human ideals, we can aquire the power that underlies them!

Everybody is welcome to join us in our vision!



Simona Noja-Nebyla & Boris Nebyla, Founders and Directors        


Manuel Legris, Honorary President of the EBGP Charity Awards Gala



Anton Berlakovich, EBGP Advisor 

Marianne Berlakovich, Public Relations Consultant

Shoko Nejime, Operations & Development 

Alessandro Zanella, Operations & Development Associate

Corina Dindelegan, Volunteers Coordination


If you may have a special interest or knowledge in dancing, organisating events, hospitality of guests from all over the world and you would like to support the EBGP team, please send us an email with information about yourself, the time you could give support, personal interest, knowledge or experience you bring with to: 

Looking forward to meet you!